Athletes Who Got Caught Using Drugs

Over the years, many professional athletes have resorted to drug abuse for recreational use. Many of them get into the habit of using drugs after suddenly amassing wealth they never laid hands on, and fame they never experienced. We’ve put together a list of athletes who got caught using drugs, choosing to compromise their bodies, their source of income, and everything they worked for, by indulging in drug abuse.

1. Theo Fleury-National Hockey League

Theo Fleury using drugs


 Theo Fleury had a difficult childhood experience. When starting his hockey career, the diminutive hockey player had to go through the harrowing experience of being molested by a junior hockey coach. So, he picked up the bad habit of drug abuse since an early age. Unsurprisingly, Theo failed many drug tests during his stint in the NHL. His career came to a halt after a drunken strip club brawl.

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