10 Ugly NFL Players With Hot Wives

With all their money, are you surprised that there’s so many ugly NFL players with hot wives. Football is a cut-throat competitive sport where only a select few individuals make it. But, the ones who make it have an access to money, fame and all the beautiful maidens in the world. The ugly NFL players mentioned below are the ones who’ve scored off the field as well. If these footballers hadn’t made it to the top tier, they would have never had the opportunity to lock arms with these beauties. Have a look at some of the ugly NFL players with hot wives below!

Antonio Gates- San Diego Chargers

Antonio Gates is happily married to Sasha Dindayal. The pair got hitched in 2011 and their celebrations were of the usual pomp. Before finding her beau, Sasha was also romantically involved with a former NFL football player, Marcellus Wiley.

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